It has to suit YOU!

Choose a date that suits you!

Choose a date that suits you!

One issue with social media is you can be too accessible to your customers and their thoughts.

I recently saw some posts on Facebook from a number of different people trying to find a date for a chat and/or an online party plan style sale. The gist of the posts were trying to find a date that suited everyone. It seemed that every customer had an opinion in the date and time, leaving the poor business owner in a tizzy because she was having trouble choosing a date.

Whenever you are trying to choose a date for something, you will always find there are people who can’t come. You can’t please everyone. The best thing to do is make sure the date suits YOU!

It may be that an evening after the kids are in bed is best, or first thing in the morning. There will always be someone who can’t make it, that’s a fact of life.

The best thing to do is to have an alternative available. For example:

  • If you are running a webinar, record it for those who can’t attend
  • If you are having an online party, give customers the opportunity to order from a catalogue before hand

There will be some things, for example a market night, where you may not be able to offer an alternative that exactly matches what you are doing, however by having an online shop, people can still purchase from you.

One thing to keep in mind – it is your business, it has to suit you and your family.

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