Friday Five – Top 10 Lists

Friday FiveTop 10 lists are an easy way to create free reprint articles, blog posts, content for your newsletter and present information to customers, both present and potential. There were more ideas in last weeks posts.

While these lists are great, sometimes it can be hard to work out what to write about. Here are five ideas for things you can use to write your Top 10 Lists.

  1. Top gift ideas – with Christmas, Mother’s Day, birthdays and any other occasion, lists of your top gift ideas can be created. This can either be from your products, or products that some of your alliance partners provide. Don’t forget to link to affiliate programs where available.
  2. Top reasons people should buy from you – customers often won’t read long lists of text, however they may read a short list of 10 points. Compile a list of things that set your business apart from your competition and list them as a Top 10 List, and don’t just limit yourself to customers, include wholesale accounts too, if that is what you are wanting. Bibska Bibs recently did this on their Facebook page – Top 10 reasons to stock the Bibska brand.
  3. Top archived blog posts – if you have a blog, create a post or page listing your Top 10 Blog Posts. You could pick 10 random posts, or have a theme, such as your Top 10 posts with school holiday ideas.
  4. Top tips for customers – compile a list of 10 tips for your customers. It could be tips how to use your products, general tips related to your business, such as parenting tips if you sell baby products, or any other points that may be useful to your customers. A general list such as this could be a great free reprint article.
  5. Top recommendations – one easy way to create a list as well as promote some of your favourite businesses, is to create a list with your top recommendations. Decide on a theme, such as your favourite blogs, and turn them in to a list. You never know, those on your list may return the favour and recommend you to their database.

This is only five ideas for Top 10 Lists. Do you have any ideas to add to this list? If so, add a comment and see if we can expand on this.

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