Difference between an article and a blog post

Write a blog post or an article?

I’ve seen some discussions lately about blog posts and articles. A few people have asked about the difference.

I have also had some people ask me for a guest blog post when they really wanted an article.

For me, there is a definite difference between a blog post and an article. Here are a few of the things I look at when writing and whether or not I am writing a blog post or an article:

  • Length - generally a blog post is around 200-300 words, an article is generally around 500 words, or longer if required.
  • Topic - generally a blog post is a single thought or idea whereas an article may contain more than one thought or idea, or go more in depth on the topic.
  • Editing - with blog posts, I generally write them and click publish (or schedule the post for a later date). With an article, I will take the time to edit the article properly, not just for spelling errors but also so the article flows, makes sense, and contains all the information needed.
  • Purpose - blog posts are usually for here (or one of my other blogs) and for no other purpose. Articles are usually for a purpose, whether as a free reprint article or for a magazine or website. Articles are generally designed for publishing with someone else.

Blog posts can be used as articles, and vice versa, but in general these are the differences as I see them. There are some others, but they can basically be summed up as above.

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